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Wayanad heritage museum located at ambalavayal shows kerala history

Wayanad heritage museum also known as ambalavayal heritage museum

Wayanad heritage museum ambalavayal
Wayanad heritage museum ambalavayal

Wayanad heritage museum also known as ambalavayal heritage museum, because the place is focused att ambalavayal in wayanad district, located 10 km away from sultan bathery. when toy reach at this museum everything inside it have a story to says about kerala history. wayanad is undoubtedly a beautiful view for the tourists, the heritage is one of the best place in wayand. there are very attractive stone sculptures welcomes you to the museum. the sculptures mainly added the images of hindu gods. it considered that the things preserved in the museum belong to second century.

Inside the wayanad heritage museum, there four divisions, they are gothra smrithi, jeevanasmrithi, veerasmrthi and devasmrithi. veerasmrithi added the gallery of veerakkallu, it is the tribute to the heroes in stone age. devasmrithi as the name refers, it displays the deities worshiped in wayanad. jeevasmrithi section shows the past of wayand. gothrasmrithi exhibits the things close related to the tribal history of wayanad. wayanad is the district with greatest number of tribes in kerala. potteries, weapons used in stone age, products with stones, bow and arrow can be see here. the early history of tribes who lived in malabar is pictured through the things displayed at wayanad heritage museum. the weapons used to hunt the animals also.

it is believed that the source of this equipment are from wayanad and the places belong to old malabar. It open for the visitors daily from 9 to 5. The museum shows a temple like architecture at the entrance, wayanad heritage museum located at sultanbathery to kozhikode highway and the actual location is at hospital road where the museum is situated. there is not a railway station at wayanad people dependents the kozhikode railway station at a distance about 110 km from ambalavayal

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