Vishu festival date – astronomical new year festival in kerala (medam month malayalam calendar)


Traditional kerala festival, representing the prosperity in cultivation – Vishu festival date

Vishu is the festival in kerala which celebrated in first day of Malayalam month medam. vishu is the symbolic representation of rich and prosperity in whole place. Most of the vishnu temples in kerala popular for celebrating vishnu by making vishu kani on that particular day. some regions of Karnataka is also celebrating vishu festival. It usually falls in middle april especially on 14 or 15. this is the astronomical new year festival of kerala, it is believed that sun become above the line of equator. The day is celebrating all over india in different names.

2018 vishu date is – Sunday 15th April

Mythology : According to hindu legends it is the remembrance of lord krishna who killed the cruel demon narakasura. another story relate with demon ravana, he didn’t allowed sun to rise from east and after the death of ravana sun remains in the previous direction to rise on vishu day.

Vishukkani: This is the process of seeing the beautiful vision in early in the morning. usually kani are making the previous day of vishu. kanikonna flower is essential part of it. some objects like gold, silver and coins used to make this. the image of lord krishna and mirror are the main things. fruits and vegetables especially cucumber are also used to decorate it. lightning the lamp on morning of event.


Main temples in kerala making vishukkani:
2.guruvayoor sri krishna
3.Sri vallabha, thiruvalla
4.Ambalappuzha sri krishna

vishu festival date kerala
vishu festival date kerala

Vishukaineettam: On the day of celebration, after seeing vishukkani image elder people of the family hands out kaineettam for older in the family. this is the core part of the festival, usually coins.

Vishu kanji: It is a special dish making on that day in northern kerala. actually this is a rice item which made by using rice, coconut and jaggery. Lunch on vishu day is very delicious one. traditional dishes are the main items of lunch.

2018 date – 15th April, Sunday.

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