Vettikode nagaraja temple, famous snake temple for worshiping naga raja


Worship of nagaraja and nagayakshi to solve sarppa dosha at vettikode nagaraja temple

India has a great culture of worshiping serpent as the same way in shrines in the temples, the case of Kerala is the notable one for worshiping serpents together with other temple deities. the interesting thing about worshiping serpents which is as the prime deity in two main temples named mannarasala naga raja ambalam and vetticode nagaraja kshethram, both of these two are located in alappuzha district. vetticode nagaraja temple also known as adimoolam vetticode, it is believed that this was the origin of maannarasala sree nagaraja temple.

  • popular naagaraja aka serpant centers in kerala are mannarashala and vettikodu

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peoples who suffered with srappa dosha can be visit these two places at a time, there are remedial rituals host for clearing sarppa dosha. mannarsala noorum palum offering is a main ritual for preventing sarppa dosha. Nagaraja and nagayakshi are the main deities placed in vettikode nagaraja temple along with the serpent groves. it is the area of preserving large biodiversity too. nagaraja and nagayakshi are the prime deities and there are two legends about the king of the snakes nagaraja, it says that it is the shrine belongs to lord vishnu as anaantha and other says that it is the serpent that appears on the neck of lord shiva called vasuki.


Vettikode nagaraja temple
nagaraja temple at vettikodu

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thousands of devotees locate at this kshethram to having the blessings of nagaraja and nagayakshi.there are two ponds in the compound that exist at eastern side which is always rich with water and it will not become dry even in summer. according to the legends it believes that the installation of adimoolaam done by parasurama. visiting vettikode nagaraja temple not only for the devotion but also it will provide the pleasant and cool atmosphere for the devotees by the presence of groves and green lush beauty. groves are also the habitat for some other creatures.

aayillayam pooja at nagaraja temple
aayillayam pooja at nagaraja temple

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