Vetticode sree nagaraja rituals – deeprachana and sarppabali to achieve salvation


Festivals and Pooja offerings at Aadimoolam Vetticode Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple

Adimoolamm vetticode sree nagaraja temple is a famous serpent temple famous for its rituals especially serpent remedies. it located at a small village near kayamkulam in alappuzha district. mannarsala and vetticode arre famous for worshiping serpents. nagaraja and nagayakshi are the principal deities, there are so many creatures exist in the serpent groves. temple ponds also showing the richness of biodiversity and the natural beauty. vetticode ayilyam is a popular event hosting usually in malayalam month kanni,it lasts for seven days by considering the day ayilyam. which is the special day for serpents. ayilyam day is also special one at mannarsalaa sree nagaraja temple. special rituals performed during these seven days. serpents are known as sarppams in malayalam, sarpa bali is the main ritual hosting as vetticode nagaraja rituals

Vetticode ayilyam become popular by the special rituals festivals hosting along with ayilyam. it falls ay in October or November. pooyam thozhal isa similar event like the special darshan of deities in two times in every year. pooyam thozhal festival conducts on pooyam star day of kanni and thulam. deeparchana is a maim ritual, which is one of the main in vetticode nagaraja rituals. decorating the all area of the kshethram with lamps. according to the hindu mythology it says that the darshan of vetticode nagraja rituals, especially deeparchana will give the salvation in after life of the human.


Ashta naga pooja is one among vetticode nagaraja rituals, this is the process f worshiping the eight nagas termed as ashta naga separately. there are also separate rituals host for clearing the doshas of rahu and kethu. there are only rituals for nagaraja takes place in the morning schedule, on evening it only lit the lamps and sanctum remains closed. mahasivarathri is a main festival celebrated in a large scale at vettikode. navakam and pancha gavya abhishekam are the special offerings on this event. balabhadra jayanthi host on malayalam month medam, it is the symbolic representation of the incarnation of anantha as balabhadra.idichu pizhinja payasam is the maha divedya on that particular day.

Aadimoolam Vetticode Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple
Aadimoolam Vetticode Sree Nagaraja Swami Temple

Vetticode nagaraja temple is located 11 km from kayamkulam at kayamkulam punaloor road, it is easy to access from KSRTC kayamkulam terminal to the destination. kayamkulam is also the closest rail way station, chengannur rail head is the nearest possible major station at a distance of 22 km. Cochin international airport at nedumbassery is the nearest airport at a distance about 160 km.

temple timings:
Monday to Saturday- 6.00 am to 11.00 am
Sunday – 6.00 am to 1.00 pm

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