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Velliyamkallu, the beautiful rock island near to payyoli beach

Velliyamkallu, a tourist destination with rock island at kozhikode

velliyamkallu is the rocky island which surrounded with arabian sea at the western coast, the island is located 36 km away from kozhikode, the island and the heritage park are the attractions at the velliyamkallu. this place has a historical prominence.the place which wasthe battle ground of the samoothiris against the Portuguese. northern malabar coast was always favorite for the portugeese, their first arrival was at the kappad beach of kozhikode by vas co de gama. this was the initial step of colonial age in india. velliyam kallu is remains still as the evidence of war between these strong forces are marked at the rocks seen here.

Velliyamkallu rock island
Velliyamkallu rock island

velliyamkallu island is very close to payyoli beach, you can easily reach at the island by the boat journey from payyoli beach to velliyam kallu island, it takes one hour to reach at the spot. the island shows some unique character by having both the rocks and caverns. the place has a great relation with the history of kunjali maraakkar, a Portuguese ship was attacked by him and he killed the entire crew of them. when the Portuguese conquered the land here they resorted to throwing the trouble makers off the rocks into the sea. the rocks then known as balikkallu or the sacrifice rocks.

All over the year is the best time to visit the destination, however the evenings are the best to visit this place, vadakara is the nearest rail head which connects the main stations of india from here. vadakara also have the nearest possible bus station, kozhikode is also the nearest possible major town too the destination.there is only travel 71 km from velliyam kallu, you can easily reach at the nearest possible airport at calicut.

Address: Thrithala Valanchery Road, Parudur, Kerala 679305

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