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Vellinezhi and olappamanna, the cultural part of kerala tourism

Vellinezhi, the cultural background of palakkad

Vellinezhi and olappamanna mana
Vellinezhi and olappamanna mana

Vellinezhi is small beautiful village blessed with some geographical features of palakkad. the beautiful vellinezhi is located at the banks of kunthi river. which is a tributary to bharathapuzha , the second largest river in kerala originate from the silent valley national park at palakkad. vellinezhi is located 35 km from ottappalam. these regions are always the favorite place for the film makers. vellinezhi is the village which has a prominent place to promote the traditional art kathaklali. it is the traditional form of kerala and got the world attention by some unique features of this art form, there are many artists belong to this village who take part in this art form.

Olappamanna mana is a ancestral home of traditional brahmin family belong to this village including several families. the mana is an ancient feudal mana they appreciate the kathakali. there is installed a school for training kathakali, rather than many other attractions are focused at this village including rig veda instituiton, brahmaswam mutt. the mana is the home of art and literature. the great poet subrahmanya nampoothiripad who known by the pen name olppamanna. he was one of the family member of this family. olappamanna maana can be seen in some films. the mana is maintained by the trust of the family.

Olappamanna mana iin vellinezhi is the ancient mana which is 300 years old one and is built by pure kerala stylle architectue. the kerala building architecture is a great wonder to the world, the architects from other countries are always interested in the kerala style of architecture especially nalukettu model and the wood carvings etc. the building of olappamanna mana is the combination of eight strictures. palakkad is the nearest town having both the rail head and the bus station.

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