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Vellayani lake, one of the largest fresh water lake in kerala

Vellayani lake, the venue for the Ayyankali boat race every year

Vellayani lake is one of the important fresh water lake in kerala and also noted as the largest fresh water lake in trivandrum district, it spreading an area about 7.5 km of soul of the trivandrum district. this is a tourist attraction for the visitors who love the nature beauty, the fresh and pure water of vellayani with the aquatic flowering plants must be a beautiful tourist attraction in this district. the beauty of lotus plants is lies in the aquatic complex. this is an example of extreme natural beauty surrounded with coconut trees, land capes and paddy fields. vellayani lake is located 7 km away from kovalam. so peoples who visiting the beach of kovalam which can easily access to this spot.

vellayani lake
vellayani lake

The boating in the lake is the most attractive one at this destination. the famous boat race is conducted in this water every onam holidays, many peoples are reach here to take part in this festival. there is a story behind the origin of the lake, once a beggar he was suffered with thirst, the beggar approached a saint to got some water, he was in meditation, saint poured the water from his pot, but the pot had only little water, he chant the hymen of god and throw away the pot, it became a lake with plenty of water.

The boat race conducted at the vellayani lake is also known as Ayyankali boat race, it conducted every year at the birth anniversary of Ayyankali who was the renaissance head of kerala. the festival falls in 28th august in every year. Thiruvananthapuram is the nearest city to the lake which is 9 km away, so that you can easily reach at the nearest bus station and rail head only by traveling 9 km and also the airport.

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