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Veli tourist village Thiruvananthapuram – A beautiful picnic spot with a beach and lake


Veli tourist village, enjoy the boating in veli lake

Veli tourist village thiruvananthapuram
Veli tourist village thiruvananthapuram

Veli tourist village offers a lot of activities along with a beautiful lake with a beach, waterfront park and a children,s park. this small village has a picturesque beauty in trivandrum, a lot of visitors reached here to enjoy the experience of boating. kerala is blessed with a lot of lakes there are thirty four lakes in kerala. veli lake is an important lake in kerala.boating in the veli lake is the main attraction of this spot, veli tourist village is located between veli lagoon and arabian sea. the banks of the lake is decorated with the grass sculptures of kanayi kunhiraman.


the lake and the arabain sea is separated by the sand bar. there is a bridge is located between the park and beach which is used ti cross each other. There is a child park with comfortable rides for child, horse riding is an another main attraction of this park. there are many type of boats available by hiring which include speed boat, pedal boat and safari boat. there is a beautiful garden, stone sculptures will give a refreshment for your eyes, this greenish atmosphere is really a pleasant feel for you. veli tourist village has a floating restaurant, a variety of sea food and other dishes are available in the restaurant.

district tourist promotion council maintains this floating restuarant and the boating also. there is an open air theater at the veli tourist village. a huge sculpture of jakanyaka which is white in color and 35 meter long at the park. veli tourist village is located at the heart of trivandrum city, the airport is very close to the destination at a distance of 3 km and the nearest railway station is trivandrum central, 8 km way from the spot. 9.00 am to 6.00 pm is the visiting time.

1. Entry- 5 rupee
2. Boating
pedal boat- 60 rupee
safari boat- 60 for a single person
speed boat- 150 for single person.

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