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Vazhachal waterfalls, beautiful waterfall along with western ghats

Vazhachal waterfalls, adjacent to athirappalli in chalakkudy

Vazhachal waterfalls thrissur
Vazhachal waterfalls thrissur

Vazhachal waterfalls is one of the tourist attraction in thrissur give the picturesque beauty and the source of white frothy water, which is originate from western ghats ranges and flows down to chalakkudy river. which located about 800 meter high, located at the edges of sholayar forest ranges. the beautiful waterfalls is located at the athirappalli panchayath in thrissur district. this waterfall is very adjacent to athirappalli waterfall which is one of the largest waterfall in kerala. vazhachal waterfalls is finally joined together with chalakkudy river and finally at the arbian sea. it may be call the twin waterfall of athirappalli. trekking is also the another attraction to the top.

Vazhachal waterfalls is very close to the dense forests which includes many herbivorous,carnivorous,reptiles, amphibians, insects etc. this is the spot of four endangered hornbills seen as the part of western ghats. there is no words to say the awesome beauty of vazhachal waterfalls in the dense forests, the climate is very comfortable, rather than the sound of the waterfall like the roaring of some animals, this white froth is looking very pure and will give very relaxation for your eyes. this is the best place for have breath a fresh air.

The best time to visit the waterfall is from september to march, however during the monsoon season it flowing in with a plenty of blessed water. this high force waterfall sometimes will be a fear for us. when you reach at chalakkudy don’t miss the both waterfalls athirappalli and vazhachal both of them looking like the siblings for the visitors. chalakkudy is the nearest major city to connect around the state by bus the nearest railway station is also at chalakkudy have 30 km distance. the closest airport is located in kochi.

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