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Varkkala beach – popular for swimming, bathing and ancestral rites

Varkkala beach, popular beach in kerala belong to arabian sea

Varkala beach trivandrum
Varkala beach trivandrum

Varkkala beach is one of the main beaches in south kerala, which located at kollam district, varkala beach is also known as papanasam beach, varkala beach is a best choice for spend the time at evening, the beach is also famous for doing the ancestral rites, it is believed that the bath in this water wash away all the sins of a human being. it located along with arabian sea. The presence of cliffs are the specialty of this beach, this is is the only beach by forming cliffs at the sea shore. this sedimentary formation cannot be seen any other beaches in kerala.

Varkala is the samadhi place of sree narayana guru, it is the headquarters of ezhavas in kerala. varkala is the municipality of trivandrum district. tourists reach here to bathing, see the view of sunrise, sunset and also for refreshment. the golden sands show the beauty of the beach as maximum of it. the beach is also famous for fishing and industrial factories. janardan kovil is the famous temple close to the beach, it is an ancient vishnu temple in thiruvananthapuram. it referred as dakshina kashi. people who reach at the beach for the rites who also reach at this temple. the temple and the beach is famous for the post death procedures after the funeral. and hence the place known as southern kashi.

This beach is very holy place for hindus. a lot of people reach here at the season of sivagiri theerthadanam. trivandrum international airport is the nearest airport located at a distance of 51 km. varkkala railway station is the closest railway station and this is one of the major station which also known as vrakkala sivagiri station. varkkala bus station connects the buses to all the cities of kerala.

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