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Varikkassery mana location – a heritage home belong to valluvanad kingdom

Varikkassery mana, paradise of film makers at ottappalam

Varikkasseri Mana Details
Varikkasseri Mana Details

Varikkassery mana, is a 112 year old mass tharavad in kerala, it purely built in the red stones available from the near by places, every malayalee is familiar with this house through some malayalam movies, when you seen it in the screen, you must have an excitement to visit here, the house located inside a building complex called nalukettu. krishnan thampuran is the architect of the mana, he also known as shilpi thampuran, he followed a foreign style to apply some components here. varikkasery mana ranked first position in appearing typical tharavd in malayalam cinemas. a beautiful portico is the main attraction of the house, first upon it welcomes you to into the house.

The house is face towards west direction, so that first you can reach at padinjattini, this was a place for performing arts of namboothiris lived here. a wide corridor is situated along with this. a central courtyard is focus there, this square structure is completely open aired, direct sunlight reached here. at the corner of padinjattini, there is a stair made with wooding. padinjattini leads to another temple structure called vadakkini. a holy pooja room present at the corner of vadakkini known as thevarappura. the entrance to the thevarappura is strictly prohibited. the kitchen and food section is arranged in the east corner of the mana. and also here is a dining hall named oottupura to serve food for 50 peoples at a time.

There is a pond and temple outside position of naalukettu. a pathayappura is also here it considered as an outer house. but it not an ordinary house it looks like a palace and made with teak wood, the primary aim was this house to store the rice collected from the paddies. varikkassery mana situated 6 km from palakkad. the nearest railway station is at shornur at a distance of 11 km.

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