Valla kottai murugan temple, having longest statue of lord muruga in Tamil Nadu


Valla kottai murugan kovil, popular subrahmanya temple at kanchipuram

Valla kottai murugan kovil also known as valla kottai subrahamnya swami temple locates at kanchipuam, tamilnadu. there are many temples in Tamil Nadu for worshiping lord muruga, most of them are very huge in size. valla kottai murugan kovil is an example of dravidan style architecture, the entrance gate leads to pillar hall and then to sanctum sanatorium. this temple is approximate 1200 years old. the specialty of this temple which hold the highest statue of the lord muruga with 7 feet high. lord murugan installed in the sanctum with his consorts valli and devayani that placed on either sides.

According to hindu legends there was a cruel demon vallan who was against Deva and the humans on earth, lord muruga decided to kill and renew truth on earth. after defeating him lord muruga was restored on the earth. valla kottai murugan kovil built to honor him. another legend says that it was built by king bhageerathan by the advice of sage dhurvasa to get back his kingdom. however there is not the evidence for the actual existence of the temple. the temple tank is known as vajra theertham. it is believes that the weapon of Deva vajryaudham originated from here and lord indra worship subrahmanya.


Valla kottai murugan kovil
Valla kottai murugan kovil

The amazing carvings can be see in side the temple which adopted from the stories of indian epics which carved on the pillars of the ardha andapam. utsava Murugar, Sri Ambaal, Sri Shanmugar and Sri Vinayagar are the sub deities exhibited in the temple complex. thai poosam is the grand festival hosts at valla kottai murugan kovil, tamil new year, skanda shashti, adhi krithikai are also well celebrate here. Urappakkam is the nearest city with connecting facilities including rail and buses. which is about 24 km away from the destination. Chennai international is the nearest airport at a distance of 53 km.

pooja timings:
morning- 6.30 am to 12.00 pm
evening- 6.00 pm to 8.15 pm

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