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Valiyathura pier, a historical port located at the heart of capital city


Valiyathura pier, location, entry and historical details

Valiyathura pier trivandrum
Valiyathura pier trivandrum

Valiyathura pier was a great economical spot during the period of travancore kingdom. valiyathura pier is located along with the western coast of Arabian sea. the beautiful beach and the historical port is located near to shankumugham in trivandrum district. valiyathura pier was the only port before the arrival of some major ports in india. valiyathura means a great port which early known as raja thura during the period of travancore kingdom . the port witnessed for the colonial age too. the foreigners who defeat the india once and they export the precious elements of our country through this port. it shows some basic geographical characteristics of kerala especially the coconut trees which bounding the port at a grand vegetation.


Valiyathura is now served as a fishing point in kerala. if o are lucky you can see the methods of fishing, the fishermen took the big risk to catch the fishes, there are some scientific methods to follow it. the pier is newly built which is about 50 years old. valiyathura was declared inactive in 1980’s. This is the best location to see the coastal beauty of Arabian sea than any other beaches in trivandrum. this is atypical place for spend your evenings.

The structure of the peer is ind destroyed stage. so be careful when walk through the sea bridge Trivandrum international airport is the nearest airport is very close to the destination is about 7 km. trivandrum is the major city having both the train and bus services easily available to connect the other cities. The reconstruction of the port is inn processing stage by the harbor engineering department of kerala. The port is opens for the visitors daily 10.00 am to 5.00 pm. the beach will be closed when the tide become very high.

Location details:
Address: Valiyathura, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695008

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