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Vagamon, amazing tourist spot at idukki – combination of three hills

Vagamon, the beauty of idukki at the foot of western ghats

vagamon tour place
vagamon tour place

Vagamon is the combination of three hills at idukki district and a small part of it shares with kottayam district. it is one of the awesome hill station, the three main hills of vagamon are murugan hill, thangal hill and kurishumla. here we can see the unity in diversity. the hill station located 1000 meter above from the sea level. there are several waterfalls also to attract the viewers. here is very cool and calm climate welcomes the visitors for refreshment. a plenty of tea plantations are increment the beauty of vagamon. The national geographic traveler listed this beautiful place in one of the best tourist spots in world.

Now we discuss the three hills of wagamon first is about kurisumala, it is the christian pilgrim center, specially peoples reach here at good friday every year, christian pilgrimages hold the wooden cross and ascending to the hill in this day. the second is murugan hill, it is a temple dedicate to lord muruga as the name suggests, made with rocks, this is the focus point by hindu pilgrimages visit vagamon. the third one is thangal rock, it is the religious center of muslims, it located at the elappara route, this is the dedication to husrith shake from Afghanistan.

wagamon is located 60 km away from kottayam. the green meadows have the highest beauty to the hills, there is no words to explain how explain the beauty of this heaven. this hill is the combination of variety species, flaura, fauna and different type wild orchids etc. The nearest railway station is at kottayam about 65 km, because there is not a railway station at idukki. the nearest airport is the trivandrum international airport at a distance of 998 km from here.

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