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Uma Maheswara Temple, Yaganti worship to both lord Shiva and parvathy


Uma Maheswara Temple, Yaganti location info, pooja timings

Uma Maheswara Temple is a famous shiva temple in south India is simply referred as Yaganti temple. It located at Yaganti of Andhra pradesh state. Uma Maheswara Temple, Yaganti is one of the famous shiva temple in AndhraPradesh and the part of Andrapradesh tourism. the temple is also known as uma mahesawra temple. it is a contribution of the emperors who ruled early in south India which include chola, pallava and vijayanagara dynasties. the efforts of the great architects who lived in 5th and 6th centuries resulted in such a wonderful architecture.

Uma Maheswara Temple Yaganti
Uma Maheswara Temple Yaganti


Uma Maheswara Temple, Yaganti holds an equal prominence for lord shiva and his consort parvathy, the ardhanareeswra idol of the temple carved out in a single stone. the uniqueness of this temple by worshiping the idol of lord shiva as shiva linga in other shiva temples in India, another specialty of the temple is the growing statue of Nandhi.

It is believed that the temple was originate by the penance of sage agasthya to lord shiva, he requested to appear as ardhanareeswara posture and which is worshiped here. Uma Maheswara Temple, is located at the foot of Yerramala hills. There are many caves holds at the hills, it was early used by the saints for their meditation. As per legends crows do not fly in the Yaganti, it says that when sage agasthya was meditating there, a crow interrupted his meditation. so the sage cursed the crows to do not enter at this place and hence the presence of shani is not appeared here because crows are the vehicle of shani.

Nandyal railway station is the nearest rail head which is 55 km away from yaganti. Baganappalli is the nearest city which is 7 km away it connect to Uma Maheswara Temple, Yaganti. The possible airport from yaganti is at Hyderabad which is 290 km away.

Temple timings:
Morning: 6 am to 1 pm
Evening: 3 pm to 8 pm

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