Uduppi sri krishna temple, main shrine only visible through the holes(kitiki)


Uduppi sri krishna temple famous for hosting the festivals all over the year

Uduppi sri krishna temple is one of the main pilgrim center in Karnataka, dedicate to lord krishna and daiva matha. krishna mutt is the identical feature of this temple which became unique by worshiping the prime deity only through a window and there are nine holes with it. the nine holes are termed as kitiki. this is one of the holy pilgrim center in south india. devotees can only see the prime deity through the holes. it is believed that the idol of the temple was actually built by viswakarma, the god of architect and worshiped by rukmini devi, the wife of lord krishna.


it is believed that uduppi sri krishna temple was installed in 13th century. the temple has a golden chariot with diamond studded crown and a golden chariot along with it. uduppi sri krishna swami is will always rich by the festivals. rama navami and hanumandjayanthi are the birth celebrations host here in a grand way. the incarnation of lord vishnu as narasimha is celebrate here. nagapanchami is celebrated on the fifth day of the bright fortnight of saravana month. the full moon day of the saravana month celebrate hayagreev jayanthy. The fourth day in the bright fortnight of the month of bhaadrapada is celebrated as the festival of Lord Ganesha. A special pooja is performed to ganesh. ninth day navarathri festival lasts for nine days for goddess durga

Udupi Sri Krishna Matha
Udupi Sri Krishna Matha

Manglore and banglore easily connect to uduppi sri krishna temple through the road way, there are frequent buses are available from these two cities. uduppi railway station is the nearest rail head located at distance of 41 km. the closest airport is managalore which is about 60 km from the destination.
pooja schedules:
morning rituals: 5.00 am to 11.00 pm
evening rituals: 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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