Triprayar ekadashi, significance of visit on ekadashi day at sri rama temple


Triprayar ekadashi, procession of principal deity and annual festival on vrichikam month

Triprayar sri rama temple located at the banks of river theevra is a popular sree rama temple in kerala located at thrissur. the presiding deity of the temple is lord rama, one of the incarnation of lord vishnu. triprayar ekadahi is a world famous event host at the temple annually. it usually falls in malayalam month vrichikam, the specialty of triprayar ekadashi is the day after the full moon day in malayalam month vrichikam. the prime deity is most familiar for the devotees as thriprayarappan. triprayar ekadashi is the notable event in this temple which celebrating in a grand way at this temple.

  • 2019 date is 22nd november , Thrissur district hindu temple for lord Sri Rama

ekadasi event


Except lord rama there are also some sub deities exist in the tripryar temple. തൃപ്രയാര്‍ ഏകാദശി, ekadashi is well celebrated day in all other vishnu temples. ekadashi day appeared in 1eleventh day of malayalam calendar. ekadashi day is actually a great representaion of the devotion to lord vishnu, according to the hindu legends, ekadashi vrata is the greatest penance among all other vratas in hindu manners. fasting on the ekadashi day considered a the great penance, devotees will follows some strict rule as per hindu legends as the part of ekadshi fasting, it will take for one day.


Triprayar ekadashi at sri rama temple
Triprayar ekadashi at sri rama temple

procession of prime deity on elephant is the star high light of triprayar ekadasi, it taken out from the sanctum and carried for the procession on elephant, dasami day is the previous day before ekadshi, on the dasami day the procession of lord ayyappa also takes place at the temple.some special rituals performed on that particular day in the temple. thriprayar ekadashi is the part of 14 day annual festival annually holds in the temple. thriprayar ekadashi celebrates as a very colorful event in the temple every year.

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