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Trichambaram temple, lord krishna is worshiped as ferocious posture


Trichambaram temple, location and mythology behind the temple

Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple in Taliparamba
Trichambaram Sree Krishna Temple in Taliparamba

Trichambaram temple is one of the ancient temples in kerala located at kannur district, which dedicate to lord krishna is one of the avatharams of lord vishnu. the feature of this temple is about the prime deity, lord krishna in this temple is installed in a roudra posture which means an angry, according to the hindu legendary the prime deity became angry to kill the cruel demon kamsa, it is commonly known as kamsa vadham, according to the stories the demon kamsa was the uncle of god krishna. The temple is opens daily at 5.00 am for the morning rituals till 12. and open at 5.00 pm for the evening rituals.


The temple has some resemblances with the guruvayoor temple and hence it commonly known as the guruvayoour of the north. the walls of the temple is very special one compared to other temples of kerala. the architecture of the temple follows a pure kerala style.The sanctum sanatorium is thee good example of showing the mural paintings in old days. goddess durga is the main sub deity of the temple which installed in the middle of the tank. the annual festival is the massive fest at the temple is conducted here every year at a grand level it is usually comes in kumbham month of malayalam year. many peoples are take part in the festival of Trichambaram temple.

A lot of people reach at this temple for having the blessings from lord krishna every year, the temple is administrates and maintained by the malabar devaswom board. kannur is the nearest city which has a comfortable bus station and also a rail head which easily connect to other places. calicut international airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 138 km.

Address: Trichambaram Temple Road, Trichambaram, Taliparamba, Kerala 670141
Phone: 0460 220 102

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