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Thusharagiri waterfalls located kozhikode district – features and entry details

Thusharagiri waterfalls, popular tourist location in kozhikode

Thusharagiri Waterfalls Kozhikode
Thusharagiri Waterfalls Kozhikode

thusharagiri waterfalls is one of the amazing waterfall located at kozhikode district. this waterfall is one of the prime tourist attraction in kozhikode district. the name thusharagiri means the hill with the mist. the waterfall is plenty with fresh water, the stream is originates from western ghats. thusharagiri waterfall located 32 km away from kalpetta. it is ranked as one of the beautiful waterfall in malabar.there are two streams originate from western ghats forms here and at final stage it give the born to chalippuzha river. this river diverged in to three waterfalls. the specialty of the waterfall is never become dry even in summer.

Thusharagiri is the best place for trekking, a beautiful forest is surrounds the beautiful thusharagiri waterfalls in kozhikode. the trekking is start from thusharagiri and finally reach at vythiri. if you start trekking from thushragiri in the morning it ends in evening. the interesting thing is, when you start trekking from kozhikode it ends at the nearest district. rock climbing is the other attraction of this place. the water level is become high, it is too danger to visit this waterfall during monsoon because the rocks of this area become too slippery by the rain. 8 to 5 is the visiting time of thushragiri waterfall by paying 30 rupee for the entrance.

The place is one of the best plantation area, rubber, pepper, ginger and other spices are planting here in a large scale. this white frothy waterfall is one of the best waterfall originate from western ghats. it also offers the variety birds survived here. the nearest town is at kodencherry at a distance of 11 km away from thusharagiri waterfalls.the distance between kozhikode and the water fall is about 50 km. kodencherry bus station located 11 km away from the waterfalls. railway station is at kozhikode 60 km away.

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