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Thrissur zoo entry fee and visiting timing – Every Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6:30 pm


thrissur zoo located in Chembukkavu

thrissur zoo visiting hours
thrissur zoo visiting hours

Thrissur zoo is also known as thrissur museum and zoo, is one of the oldest museum in india which exhibits variety of animals, birds and other species, it was established in 1885 during the period of British. it sprawled over an area about 14 hectares at the cultural headquarters of kerala. kerala natural museum and thee art museum is also situated at the same compound, a beautiful garden at the compound of the zoo will give a warm welcome for you, there are many varieties of animals, birds, reptiles etc. some of them include white stork, white necked stork, pariah kite, brown fish owl, tiger, lion, deer, hippopotamus, camel, monkeys etc.


Thrissur zoo is located 2 km away from the thrissur town which is located at the heart of city. it opens for the visitors daily 10 am to 5.30 pm daily except monday and national holidays. it administrated under the control of kerala government, the authority charges 6 rupee for adults and 3 for children must for the entrance to thrissur zoo. it will allowed 2 to three hours for rounding all area of zoo. the art museum in the zoo compound exhibits the wood carvings, metal sculptures, costumes and jewellery of art forms. which is an evidence of kerala heritage.

the zoo compound includes both botanical and zoological garden. a huge skeleton of an elephant welcomes you to the zoo. there is also a monument in front of thrissur which is dedicate to the soldiers who take part in world war.
Thrissur zoo is located near to chembukavu town, there is about 33 kms from thrissur bus station to zoo. the nearest railway station is located at thrissur which is 2 km way from the destination. you can reach at nedumbassery international airport via NH 544 by traveling 54 km from thrissur zoo.

Address: Chembukkavu, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

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