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Thommankuthu waterfalls idukki , location, accessibility and activities

thommankuthu waterfalls, beautiful waterfall at idukki

Thommankuthu waterfalls idukki
Thommankuthu waterfalls idukki

Thommankuthu waterfalls is a famous tourist spot in idukki, this seven step cascading waterfall is an awesome attraction in idukki. idukki is rich with many waterfalls which give fantastic beauty in between thw green lush and it flows give a beautiful attraction that will give an awesome beauty of idukki. the waterfall is located in the forest. the waterfall is named by the name of a hunter who named thommachen kuruvinakunnel he gave a great contribution during the built period of idukki dam. the bathing in the waterfall give refreshment and more relaxations. a breath in this cool climate is a great experience, which washes the polluted air.

Thommankuthu waterfall is located 17 km away from thodupuzha. the trekking is the most adventurous activity along with the waterfall. there is need cover 12 km to complete the trekking to the hill top. the trekking is extremely through the woods. you have to cover the obstacles especially the rocks. the way to the hill top has many challenges too. sometimes monkeys interrupt your trekking. the forest department arranges the trekking and the waterfall is also under the control of forest department. there is needed the permission of the forest department for trekking. they provides the guide for more advice. there is also a lake adjacent to the waterfall, the boating in this lake is another tourist attraction.

the fishing in the lake is very interesting. there are many activities to do in this place. fishing,trekking, boating an the horse riding. when you reach at thodupuzha, private bus services and other cab services to the destination. the nearest cities are thodupuzha and karimanoor with distances 12 and 8 km respectively. the nearest railway station is kottayam at a distance of 60 km. cochin international airport located 80 km away from thommankuthu waterfalls. monsoon season is the best time to visit.

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