Thinagalur kailasanathar temple, installations for planets with sun and moon


Navagraha temple in tamil nadu – Thinagalur kailasanathar temple

Thinagalur kailasanathar kovil, is famous for worshiping the nine planets located at thinaglure in Tamil Nadu state. this is one among the navagraha temples dedicate to lord moon or chandra. the prime deity is lord shiva as kailasa nathar. and hence temple got the name kailasanathar and it give th promonence to lord moon so that the place known as thingalur. it located at the banks of river cauvery. except shiva there are separate installations for lord sun and moon. according to the hindu mythology, these two has agreat significance. the nine planets are also installed as as a separate shrine which looking forward to lord sun.

Thinagalur kailasanathar kovil is one of the ancient temples in india, it was built in 7th century during the period of pallavas. the holy water source at the temple called chandra thertham. the main sub deities of the temple are moon and sun. banana and vilwam which exists in the temple compound. uthram day of tamil month panguni is very important day in this temple by which on that day the rays of sun will directly fall to the main deity and the next day evening the rays of moon also to the deity. the interesting thing about it is, which is made with darvidan architecture which comfortable to this feature of the temple.


Thingalur kailasanathar temple
Thingalur kailasanathar temple

It is believed that , lord moon as the god of curing diseases, especially the water related sicks. there are many devotes every year locate at the destination to have the better wealth by worshiping lord moon. it is located on thiruvaiyaru- kumbhakonam road which is 6 km far from thiruvaiyaru, so that it is easy to reach at thinagalur kailasanathar kovil, by buses from thiruvaiyaru, tanjavure and kumbhakonam. tanjavure is the nearst rail head and kumbhakonam is the nearest airport.

temple timings:-
morning- 8.00 am to 12.30 pm
evening- 4.30 pm to8.30 pm

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