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Thangassery beach, Tourist attraction at the shore of arabian sea in kollam

Thangassery beach, a popular beach in kerala at kollam

Thangassery beach located kollam
Thangassery beach located kollam

Thangassery beach is beautiful tourist attraction and the scenic marine beauty along with the Arabian sea at western coast of kerala state. such a wonderful destination focused at kollam district. he silvery sand of this beach is about 3 km long at the shore of arabian sea. the thangassery beach is attracts the visitors by the greater tourist attractions offers by such a wonderful destination which including sun bath, scuba driving, catamaran riding etc. the journey in the speed boat is a very adventurous one.

Thangassery beach light house is focused near to the beach, the prime of the light house is to provide the signals for the fisher man and sailors in a right way. it will allowed the visitors to climb up to the light house, when you reach at the top of this tower, it will give a spectacular view of Arabian sea with its shore with an awesome beauty. the tower occupying the light house is 144 feet high. the visitors allowed only in the evening time at the top. kollam was the trading center of kerala in early days, thangasserri beach has a special prominence in the history of kerala, it witnessed for the growing and falling of the great kingdoms who ruled kerala in early days.

There is a golden past behind the history of the village , they used golden currencies for trading, it revealed out by the archeologists in kerala. thangasseri fort is the neighboring attraction to the destination and it is the monument preserved very well as the remaining living evidence of Portuguese in india. kollam is the nearest city and the nearest possible railway station and bus station is also focused at kollam which located at a distance of 5 km. trivandrum international airport is 70 km away from the destination.

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