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Thalassery fort or thellicherry , one of the popular museum in kerala

Thalassery fort, says the story of Europeans in 17th century

Thalassery fort images
Thalassery fort images

Thalassery fort is one of the ancient fort in kerala also known as tellichery fort, situated at kannur district. thalassery fort also includes a light house, both the fort and light house preserved under the administration of archaeological survey of india, the fort is located close to arabian sea, it give more beauty for the fort. a large gate way at the entrance welcomes you to the thalassery fort. the fort is not only tourist spot but also it exhibits the gallery with the pictures of ancient things like paintings and sculpture etc.

The fort is square in structure, it was built by British east india company to maintain this palace as their military head quarters, so that we can see this fort in the malayalalam movie pazhassiraja. the king pazhassiraja take part in deal with lord vellasly. the entrance of the fort is more attractive by the mural paintings. there is a secret tunnel present underground of the fort which connect to the sea, british is used this fort to escape from the attack of enemies through this way. but now it is in closed stage. it is one of the main trading centers of british in kerala during colonial age. but french was the first foreigners reached here for trading. thalasserry known as the place of 3 c’s. they are cake cricket and circus.

There is followed a natural method to built this fort a mixture of egg white, quick lime and sugar candy were used the for made the complex. there are two underground complexes to store the pepper and cardamom, these two things are very favorite for them. there are two nearest airports close to the fort they are calicut and mysore with distances 67 and 130 km respectively. from thalassery railway station is well connect to the main cities of india.

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