Swamimalai Murugan Temple – mythology, significance to visit arupadaiveed


Swamimalai murugan kovil, fourth srupadaiveed of lord muruga

There are six holy places mainly for worshiping lord muruga in tamilnadu, these are called arupadaiveed. each of them are very significant one. lord muruga is the lord of war and known as devasenapathy. swamimalai is the fourth one among the six arupadai veed of lord muruga. the main shrine focused on the hill rock, located at thanjavure district of tamilnadu state. swami malai has a great dravidan architecture. which is very ancient one, it says that the temple belongs to second century. the main shrine located at the hill top, there will be sixty steps to headed to the destination, the sixty steps represents the sixty months of ancient tamil calendar. the siginificance of swamimalai by which it has a close relation with pranav mantra OHM.


According to the hindu mythology, once lord brahma came to kailash for visit lord shiva, then lord muruga asked him about the meaning of pranav mantra, he was unable to answer him. lord muruga became furious about the unawareness of brhama. because he is the god of all creations. lord muruga was imprisoned him. all gods became troubpe by the absence of brahma, they requested muruga to release him. finally they depend lord shiva to solve the problem. but muruga has only one demand, he knew about the manthra, lord shiva accepted him as a tecaher to know the meaning meaning of pranav manthra. he started to explain the meaning of it. the place became known as swami malai.

Swaminathaswamy Temple Swamimalai
Swaminathaswamy Temple Swamimalai

The six arupadaiveed of lord muruga as follows
1.Thiruparankundram murugan temple
2.pazhamudhircholai murugan temple
3.Thiruthani murugan temple
4.swamimalai murugan temple
5.palani murugan temple
6.Thiruhendur murugan temple

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