Suryanar temple, one of the nine navagraha temples in tamil nadu- thanjavur


Suryanar temple lord surya as prime deity with his consorts and planetary deities

Suryanar kovil is one of the ancient temples in south india located at thanjavur district of tamil nadu state, the presiding deity is lord surya or sun. lord sun considered as one of nava grahas or the seven planets, except the sun there are separate installation for eight planets. lord sun in suryanaar kovil with his consorts usha devi and prathysha devi. sooryanar kovil was built by following dravidan style of architecture. suryanaar kovil is famous for worship the planet deities in south india. a tallest tower is the prime attraction here, which is about 15.5 meters with three tier architecture.

There is a bathing ghat focused at the northern side of rajagopura which is called surya pushkarani, it is must bathe in surya pushkarni before offer worshiping in the temple. it is believed that god sun is the lord of curing the all diseases of eye and skin so that there are thousands of devotees reach at suryanar temple for the blessings of suryanar. horse is the vehicle of lord surya or vahana, the idol of horse found at the temple complex. lord sun maintains the light on earth with his seven horses carrying on a chariot.


Suryanar temple thanjavoor
Suryanar temple thanjavoor

Ratha sapthami is the main festival host at sooryanar kovil which is the great festival lasts for 10 days usually in tamil month thain month. guru and sani transition days are important days here with special rituals. it is easy to connect by buses to this temple from other cities of india, the nearest bus stop located at thirumangalakkudi kaliyamman bus stop. the nearest rail head focused at mayiladathurai at a distance of 20 km. the nearest airport is located at tanjavure having a distance of 44 km from suryanar temple.

temple timings:
morning:- 6.00 am 12.30 pm
evening:- 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm

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