Srikalahasteeswara Temple, Srikalahasti, one of the panchasthalams


Srikalahasteeswara Temple, Srikalahasti, worship to lord shiva

Srikalahasteeswara Temple situated in Srikalahasti is one of the ancient shiva temples in south india. The temple is famous for worshiping lord shiva in andhra pradesh, not only in south india but also all over the country. the unique feature of this temple by which it represents one of the panchasthalams, the linga of the temple is represents the the wind and hence it known as vayulinga, panchasthalams are prominent places relate with lord shiva. The temple is also known as dakshina kashi and rahu kethu temple, rahu and kethu are the astrological bodies relate to hindu mythology.

Srikalahasteeswara Temple Andhra Pradesh
Srikalahasteeswara Temple Andhra Pradesh


Srikalahasteeswara Temple showing the excellence of the architects who belongs to dravidan culture in old days so that it showing the best example of dravidan architecture throughout the structure of Srikalahasteeswara Temple and the surroundings. It is believed that the temple was built around 5th century by pandya dynasty, but the current architecture was built in 10th century by the chola kings. The temple is located at chittoor district of Andra Pradesh. according to hindu purana it says that arjuna came here to worship lord shiva and he he met bharadwaja at the top hill.

There is no words to says about the architecture there is a huge tower which is call gopura is about 120 meter high over the main gate. a huge stone hill covers the whole structure of the temple. the great krishna devrayar was a king belongs to vijayangara kingdom who built the main gopura and 100 pillars of the Srikalahasteeswara Temple in 16th century.

The temple located only 2 km from Srikalahasthi bus station, the nearest railway station located at chittoor. the nearest airport is vellore in taminadu and thiruppathi in Andra pradesh. rahu kethu pooja is the main ritual takes place at the temple.

Address: Srikalahasti, Andhra Pradesh 517644
Phone: 085782 22240

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