Sri rama navami 2018 event date, Holy birthday celebration of lord rama


Sri rama Navami, Main Hindu temples in India celebrating the event and special rituals

The birthday of lord rama celebrated as sri rama navami in every year which celebrated in a grand way at all temples in india. sri rama navami usually falls in march or april months, which is also the part spring hindu festival. lord rama is the seventh incarnation of vishnu. rama navami is observed on the last day of spring navarathri in temples of north india. it celebrates for the seventh incarnation of lord vishnu. special poojas will performed on the day of rama navami. chanting the hymens of lord rama. ramayana is actually means the journey of lord rama, devotees chant the hymens praising the life of lord rama.

According to hindu mythology rama is the king of dasratha and kausalaya belongs to sun dynasty during treta yuga, the incarnation of rama is to maintain peace on earth by killing cruel demons on the earth. sri rama navami is the part of chaithra navarathri, the vaishnavite communities all over india celebrating this in different ways, many of them celebrate all nine days of chaithra navarathri by chanting ramayana. rama navami is also holding in other hindu temples situated outside india.

Hindu temples in India celebrating Rama navami


1. Sitamarchi, Bihar
2. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
3. Rameswaram, Tamilnadu
4. Vonimitta, Andhra Pradesh
5. Sita Samhit sthal, Uttar Pradesh

Sri rama navami event
Sri rama navami event

Ayodhya is the main rama sthala observed in India. Chariot Processions takes place here with rama, sita, lakshmana and hanuman in many temples. In 2018 it falls in march and 2019 date is observed in april. On the day of sri rama navami performing akhanda ramayana chanting the entire ramacharita manas and it take 24 hours. The first day of navarathri is ugadi and started ramayana chanting lasts for ending day as rama navami.

2018 Date of Ramanavami – 25th March, Sunday.
2019 Date of Ramanavami – 14th April, Sunday.

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