Sri kshethra horanadu, the goddess of food and nourishment- Karnataka


Sri kshethra horanadu, the goddess in the form of serving food to the world

Sri kshethra horanadu is most commonly known as annapoorneswari temple goddess durga worshiped in the form annapoorneswari that means the goddess of serving food to the world. annapoorneswari temple located in a remote area of chilkamagalur district of Karnataka state. it lies in a dense forest and located at the foot of western ghats. the surroundings sri kshhethra horanadu is rich with the great vegetation and on the banks of bhadra river. sri kshethra horanadu is one of the ancient temple in the state and the installation of prime deity dine by sage agasthya years back. there are few steps to locate at the spot.

Sri kshethra horanadu devi is called adishakthyathmaka anna poorneswari, the deity is the god of food, so that the temple authority arranging food always for the devotees who reach here. the peoples who vissit here believes that they feed something from horandu will not go hungry in their life by the blessings of goddess. aksharabhayasam and namakarna are the main rituals in this temple. akshrabhaysam ritual is an offering to lord ganapathy and sarasathy to write the names in the rice. namakarna is the process chanting the hymens of them.


 Sri Kshetra Horanadu
Adhishakthyathmaka Sri Annapoorneshwari Temple, Sri Kshetra, Horanadu

Navarathri festival is one of the well celebrated event in sri kshethra horanadu whhich usually coming in september or october month, the celebrations will lasts for nine days and worship the nine forms of goddess durga. ratholsava is another festival which lasts for five days in february month. akshaya thadige also celebrate here. it can be easily access to the temple by buses from mangalore, banglore and mysore. the nearest rail head is at shimoga which is about 127 km from the spot. the closest airport to sri kshethra horanadu is vajpey international airport at mangalore having the distance 135 km.

pooja timings: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm

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