Saranathan temple Tamil nadu, dedicate to both lord vishnu and lakshmi


Saranathan temple, temple architecture and significance

Saranathan temple is a famous temple in tamilnadu which worship to lord vishnu, located at thirucherai village of tamilnadu state. lord vishnu is worship as saranathan inside the sanctum, the prime deity is lord vishnu as saranathan in a standing posture which facing towards eastern direction. the vimana above the sanctum sanatorium is known as sara vimana,the length of temple is 380 feet and width 234 feet, the temple is about 90 feet high.

Saranathan temple tamilnadu
Saranathan temple tamilnadu


the temple follows a dravidan style of architecture . this temple is one of the famous 108 divya desams in India which dedicate lord vishnu. the principal deity as sarnayaka and lord lakshmi as saranayaki in the temple. it is one of the temple structure which contributed by the early kingdoms who ruled in south India include chola and vijayanagara.

The specialty of the temple is about the five forms of lord lakshmi which means this is the only temple where lord vishnu graces the devotees with the five consorts include sir devi, bhoomi devi, mahalakshmi, saranayaki and neela devi. the core behind the temple name is the soil of the place contains high properties which means saram, so that the lord called saranathar. poosam is the main festival hosts at the temple which usually falls in january or february months of gregorian calendar, the festival lasts for 10 days.

Devotees reach here to wash all the sins in their life, it is believed that worship saranath is equal to take 100 baths in cauvery river.

morininf rituals: 6.00 am to 11.00 am
evevning rititauls : 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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