Santana venugopala temple – hoysala architecture with amazing sculptures


Idol of main deity in tribangi avatar at garbhagriha – sri santana venugopala temple

A holy place where early used by saint koundinya did the penance for fulfill his ambitions. later it transformed as temple for worshiping venugopalaswami as main deity and commonly known as santana venugopala temple. It is commonly known as dakshina govardhana temple in the country. The deity is installed in the garbha griha bearing the beautiful hoysala architecture in its whole structure. lord sri krishna is the main deity placed in the garbha griha in its tribangi avatar. santana venugopala temple located at a beautiful village hemmargala in mysore. it was built during the period of viajayanagar empires.

Sri Santana Venugopala Swami Temple Karnataka
Sri Santana Venugopala Swami Temple Karnataka


The prime deity facing to east direction with sculptures of dwara palakas and gopikas. utsava murthy is also kept here. it was built during 12th century and showing the resemblances with chennakesva temple at mysore. it holding two other temples in its complex. devotees headed to sanata gopala to achieve the blessings of krishna, it is a powerful murthy to bearing blessings for having child for the childless couples. according to the temple history it is believed that a king cobra preserving this temple for so many years.

It is rich with celebrating festivals. A holy festival which celebrating since the establishment of kovil usually in june month. at the the time temple pond with water 10 feet depth, this water is used to play after the rounding of eagle around it during the pooja timings. This is the point where giving an amazing view of krishna raja sagar dam from its entrance. huge deepasthabha at the entrance usually used to lighting in the night.

How reach:-
Air- Mysore international airport at a distance of 34 km
Rail- The nearest rail head is located bandanavalu is about 4 km from spot
Bus- Hemargala is the nearest junction with bus services.

Address: Hemmaragala, Mysore District, Mysore, Karnataka 571312
Phone: 096118 33798

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