Hanuman temple Salangpur – kashtabhajan posture of deity to solve sorrows


An important pilgrim center famous for celebrating hanuman jayanthi – salanagpur hanuman temple

A holy place dedicate to lord hanuman ji to worship by the devotees in a small village named salangpur in botad district of Gujarat state. The prime deity is most commonly known as kashtabhajan hanuman, that means the murthy solving the all sorrows of devotees. it is not an ancient temple which established by swami sadguru gopalananda in 1905, who was the saint of swami narayan sampraday. The idol is established in the form of crushing a female demon under his foot. it is in standing posture proceeded by the sculptures of fruit eating monkeys.

Narayan kund is the holy water source which preserved in a gre3at manner by the temple authority, it was the pond used by sage swami narayan. a bullock cart which preserved here as in the same way. A rod is placed beside the main deity by sadguru gopalananda swami is said to be more miraculous one. daily meals are available at this mandir. Saturday is the best time to visit hanuman ji. however thousands of people visit here for achieve the blessings of hanuman. The name salangpur bearing the idea that the place where peacocks leave.


Hanuman temple Salangpur
Hanuman temple Salangpur

Salnagpur hanuman temple is popular for celebrating many colorful festivals especially holi. The holy birthday of lord hanuman is celebrated as hanuman jayanthi., it faals in the 15th day of chaithra month, usually march or april. According to ramayana sundar kand is to praise lord hanuman o that sundar kand is the fesyival in october or november months to chant the adventures of hanuman.

How Reach:-
Air- Nearest airport is at ahammadabad city at a distance of 156 km
Rail- Bhavangar city rail head located at a distance of 75 km
Bus- Dhandhuka taluka ata distance of 50km easily connect to other main cities of the state.

Temple timings: 5.30 am to 9.00 pm

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