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Sakthan thamburan palace, museum of kerala archaeological department

Sakthan thamburan museum, says the history of cochin dynasty

Sakthan thamburan palace thrissur
Sakthan thamburan palace thrissur

Sakthan thamburan palace is one of the monument of kochi kingdom located at thrissur district, the place thrissur become popular by the king sakthan thamburan. he is the founder of thrissur city, there is also a bus stand known by his name. the palace was the headquarters of the kingdom but the palace was rebuilt in 1795 by sakthan thamburan, ramavarma parishath is the the real name of sakthan thampuran, he got this name by the power and intellegence in ruling. Sakthan thamburan palace is maintained and administrated by the archaeological department of kerala.

This is a white painted building complex, at first sight we can understand it was an element of a royal kingdom. a green meadow is surrounding the palace complex, there are huge pillars but it is not a wood work, a stair is made of wood to climb the second floor. red carpet floor with italian marbles is a beautiful attraction, another peculiarity of this about the windows, it made with both glass and wood and it is in arch shape. the roof is very solid. the weapons are of the kings in cochin kingdom is preserved here. it is not a pure kerala style architecture, it follows also a dutch style with two storyed building. traditional kerala architecture building always follow a nalukettu model, here also we can see that feature.

Inside the museum visitors give the knowledge about the ancient kerala culture through the galleries arranged here. they are bronze gallery, numismatics gallery and sculpture gallery. bronze gallery reveals the statues andd other element with bronze, numismatics gallery shows the coins of cochin kingdom. other home equipment used their dynasty also present here, the palace is served as museum in 2005. it open for the visitors daily 10 to 5 except monday. the nearest airport is kochi and the railway station located about 3 km from here.

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