Eighteen steps at sabarimala, meaning of the each steps to sannidhanam


Eighteen steps, what is the significance to climb to sannidhanam through pathinettam padi

Sabarimala is the largest pilgrim center in the world which dedicate as the settlement place of lord ayyappa. lord ayyappa was the devotional spirit during kali yuga to solve the sufferings of living organisms on earth. the incarnation of lord ayyappa is close associate with kerala, because the places of his story are locations of kerala. he grown as the son of the king rajasekahara varma and his wife of pandalam dynasty. he achieve the knowledge from all fields. the sanctum of lord ayyappa is located on the hill top lies in periyar tiger reserve is dense forest. after his birth aim lord ayyappa choose this place himself. he had a brief plan about this temple. the main sanctum is located after heading the eighteen steps. the meaning of the eighteen steps as follows


step 1: getting knowledge and consciousness
step 2: take care of consciousness at the second step
step 3: vision or insight associated with intellect like vision or insight, imagination, understand etc.
step 4: pure consciousness image of knowledge
step 5: dedicate to goddess bhagavahthy
step 6: sixth step dedicate to lord shiva by washing the sins of the past six birth of a human
step 7: got will power, have the ability to overcome all sufferings
step 8: rahoyagam
step 9: refers makarajyothy
step 10: represent the way of mediation
step 11: ascetic meditating
step 12: samadhi non dualistic state of consciousness.
step 13: refers the soul or athma
step 14: dedicate to the god of creation, brahma
step 15: nadabrahma
step 16: illumination of god
step 17: refers the three characters of god called trigunathitha
step 18: called parama padam, the scared foot of lord ayyappa

Meaning of Eighteen steps at sabarimala
Meaning of Eighteen steps at sabarimala

The eighteen steps at sabarimala is not just for climbing , 18 of these have the spiritual inspiration and have a great meaning. . the eighteen steps are initially made with granite and then to panchaloha, devotees who bring irumudikettu after the great penance are allowed to climb the eighteen steps

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