Ratnagiri balamurugan temple, lord muruga worshiping in three different forms


Ratnagiri balamurugan kovil, popular for celebrating skanda shashti and adkruthukai

Ratnagiri balamurugan kovil is an ancient temple in tamilnadu which built on 14th century, the prime deity of here is lord murugan it says that which is a self manifested one. it is believe that the deity is self manifested in three different forms. this is the unique feature of ratnagiri balamurugan kovil. three different forms of the prime deity are lord murugan, bala murugan and as the devotee. ratnagiri balamurugan kovil located on the hill top which is surrounded by the green lush. the main idol is bala muruga which installed on the chariot which made with granite. devotees can headed at the hill top only by climbing the steps of temple.

The overall temple structure is contributed by the chola dynasty, garbhagriha is made with granite. the sub deities of the temple includes lord ganesha,dakshinamurthy,brahma,chandikeswar and durga. the unique feature compared to other temples here the poojas performed using the language as tamil instead of tamil. there was a poet named Arunagirinathar who sung ‘Rathinakiri Vazh Murukane Ilaya Vaaramarar Perumaley’ for this temple. skanda shashti is the most celebrated festival as same in all other murugan temples, this day is very favourite of lord muruga that usually falls in July or august. navarathri and painguni uthram also conducting in a grand way


Ratnagiri balamurugan kovil
Ratnagiri balamurugan kovil

Adikruthukai is another main festival in ratnagiri balamurugan kovil. during the events the prime deity carried out from the kovil to procession with golden chariot for the nearest places of temple, on this time idol will be decorate with golden and silver jewels. vellore is the nearest city which is about 17 km distance, which having the greater facility of connecting to different cities from vellore bus station and rail head. the neaest airport is chennai international at a distance of 125 km from ratnagiri balamurugan kovil.

pooja timings:-
morning: 6.00 am to 1.00 pm
evening: 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

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