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Ranipuram hills, feel the experience of trekking in kasargod district

Ranipuram, hill station located at kasargode

Ranipuram Hill Station Kasargodu
Ranipuram Hill Station Kasargodu

Ranipuram hills commonly known as ootty of kerala, it located in kasargod district at a distance of 10 km. ranipuram hills situated 750 meter from sea level, it also located at western ghats. western ghats shares its beauty with kerala through these hills. ranipuram was earlier known as madathumala the hills are covered with monsoon forests, shola forests and grass sahvannas. elephants herds are also here, it is a great symbol of biodiversity in kerala. peoples who love trekking can have enjoy the beauty of ranipuram.

October to march is the best time to visit here, during summer season temperature varying in between 22 to 45 degree Celsius, in winter it renges from 12 to 33 degree Celsius. it located near to the town panthady with a variety of flaura and fauna. there is a greater number of wild animals like elephant, deer, boars and butterflies. visitors here to feel the trekking experience, there are two ways to trekking. the morning trekking is more comfortable with a cool condition. there is a lot of leeches inside the forest, people must take care of leeches, took a pouch of salt to remove when a leach bits you. the sound of birds welcomes you to the hills.

unfortunately this beautiful place don’t have right attention by the government or any authorities. kerala proud of it is god’s own country. it is necessary to save such a beautiful place in kerala as a part of kerala tourism. the lesser transportation facilities to reach here is a real problem, sometimes rainy days challenge the journey to top hill, lack of comfortable staying facilities etc. kerala got the label of tourism brand qualification but these situations will pull back the tourism in kerala.

mangalore international airport located at a distance 50 km from kasargode. jeep services available to reach ranipuram from panthady. kanhangad is the nearest railway station,ranipuram located 35 km away from kanhangad.

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