Rajagopalaswami temple dedicate to lord krishna as rajagopala- mannargudi


Festivals and pooja timings at Rajagopalaswami temple

Rajagopalaswami kovil is one of the famous temples in south india which is built following dravida style of architecture, the prime deity of this temple is rajagopalaswami is the form of lord vishnu. main temple worshiping the vaishnva shrine. this is also known as dakshina dwaraka, although guruvayoor also known as dakshina dwaraka. rajagopalaswami kovil located at thivarur district of tamil nadu state. temple has an amazing architecture with huge towers and vimanas. seven mandapas holds in the temple compound. the holy water source is called theerthas. there are total nine sacred water source occupying in the temple complex.

rajagopalaswami kovil spreading an area about 33 acres, the temple tower is visible from long distance away, this is very huge in size, it is about 154 feet high, it ranked as fourth among the all vishnu temples. the temple holds an amazing garden inside the temple which give a warm welcome for the devotees. the daily rituals takes place by following the traditional methods. an elephant and the cow which is the symbolic representation of lord raja goplaswami. lord vishnu poses in a cow boy posture which is in single vastra. panguni brahmotsavam is the mega event which lasts for eighteen days.


Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple
Mannargudi Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple

Rajagopalaswami kovil built during the period of chola dynasty by the chola king kulothunga chola. twenty day adyana falls in margazhi month which lasts for twenty days. 10 day float festival is also a grand festival at this temple. it is easy to reach at the temple. there are different way of transportation available from the major cities to the destination. kumbhakonam is the nearest rail head which is 36 km away from the temple. trichy and kumbhakonam are the nearest airports with distances 96 and 45 km respectively. buses services are available from mannargudi.

temple timings:
morning- 5.30 am to 12 pm
evening- 4.00 pm to 8 pm

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