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Pulppalli seetha devi temple or the only seetha lava kusha temple in kerala


Uniqueness of pulppalli seetha devi temple and history

Pulppalli seetha devi temple
Pulppalli seetha devi temple

Pulppalli seetha devi temple is one of the rare seetha devi temples in india,the ancient epic ramayana also known as pulppalli seetha lava kusha temple in wayanad and the stories are very close to this temple,the temple is worship not only for seetha but also her sons lava and kusha.the idols lava,kusha and seetha are here.the mythology says that the born of lava and kusha takes place here after seetha leave the palace by refuge of rama.she settled there lived in asram of maharshi vathmiki,an interesting thing is about leeches,there are many leeches in wayanad and surroundings but this temple and surroundings is blessed without leeches because it is believed that Goddess seetha cursed the leeches that bit Lava and kusha.


The sub deities of the temple are lord ayyappa,subrahmanya,ganesha,thalachiluan, Lord vettaikaran and Lord naga or the serpent,a temple pond present on this temple is one of the large ponds in wayand.the temple is built by kerala varma pazhassi raja in 18th century.the festivals celebrated in the temple are krishna jayanthi,the birthday celebration of lord krishna in ashtami rohini day in malayalam month chingam and ramayana parikramanam is a one day visit of all temples connected with seetha devi.devotees visit this temple to attain good health,removal of debt,knowledge,family welfare and fame etc.the temple administrated by malabar devaswom board.

Pooja timings are 6.00 am to 11.30 am for morning rituals and evening from 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm nearest bus stands are sulthanbathery and kalpetta to reach the temple,the major railway station is calicut with a distance 77.2 meter from temple.other railway stations near to temple are sulthanbathery and kalpetta with distances 25,34 km respectively.

Karipur airport of Kozhikode has located 90.2 km from the temple and Cochin International Airport is located about 253 km from the temple.the contact details are mentioned below seetha Lava kusha Temple,sri pulppalli Devaswom, pulppalli Post,Wayanad District – 673579,

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