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Poovar, feel the experience of backwater tourism in trivandrum

Poovar, a famous tourist village adjacent to the border of kerala

poovar trivandrum
poovar trivandrum

Poovar is a rare kind of tourist spot in kerala lies at small village in trivandrum district which is almost at the border of kerala, the border in at pozhiyoor. it is special type of spot which means the joining of sea, river and lake. neyyar river which is the south most river in kerala which finally reaches at arabian sea at this point. the land separates sea and the river. there is not allowed massive beach activities because it served as a fishing village. the villagers depend the place to survive for their lives. there is also an island named poovar close to the beach. it can accessible here by through river only.

There is a historical background about this place, the king marthandavarma was the great ruler in trvancore dynasty. he was took part in colochal war against dutch in 1741, he got shelter in this place from his enemies during this period by a muslim head here. in early days poovar known as pookkumoosapuram but the place is renamed as it also by thee king marthanda varma. poovar beach was a trading center in early days, the place is mentioned in the historical books by the popular historians. now it served as one of the best beaches and tourist spots in kerala.

The main attractions of the spots are the boating, estuary, beach and the mangroves. This trivandrum tourist place offers well accommodation facilities and you can enjoy the taste of trivandrum food from some floating restaurants in here, it is overlapped with coconut trees and other plants. trivandrum is the major city to the destination.This place is located 12 km away from kovalam in trivandrum district. there are many methods to reach here. the nearest railway station is at trivandrum which is 23 km away from the spot and the nearest airport is also trivandrum located at a distance of 25 km.

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