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Thripunithura poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam – eight day annual festival


Poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam- special attractions on the festival days

Poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam is the annual festival holds in poornathrayeesa temple located at Thripunithura of ernakulam district. poornathrayeesa is the another name of lord vishnu worshiped in the temple, it was the family god of cochin kingdom in old days. the festival hosts in the during malayalam month vrichikam which lasts for 8 days. the festival is almost falls in november every year. the function initiated after hoisting the flag in the temple compound after following the morning rituals in early in the morning. eight days of the temple become the venue for performing the temple art and other classical dance forms, especially kathakali.

Vrichikam is the very important month for the pilgrimages in south india, the month initiate for mandalakalam for visiting sabarimala. however the eight day festival of the temple is celebrate in a grand manner. the star attraction of poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam is the procession which called ezhunollippu, this is the event for taken out the image of the prime deity on the elephant, the imaginary idol is called thidambu. the procession hosts all days of the festival on morning and evening. the procession become colorful by the participation of the artists with the traditional music instruments like panchavadyam and pancahrimelam, the melam lasts for few hours.


Thripunithura poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam
Thripunithura poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam

Thrikketta purappadu is the important day belongs to the festival, it is the day of memories the visit of vilwamangalam swami at the temple, according to the legends it was the day of procession he can’t see the deity in the sanctum, but lord vishnu appeared in front of him as an infant. it was a playing posture on elephants by lord vishnu. he got all blessings from lord vishnu. poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam lasts after the holy bath called arattu. which takes place in the temple pond.

poornathrayeesa vrichikolsavam 2017 date: 28 november, saturday
arattu(final day): 2 december, tuesday

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