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Poonjar palace, the palace of poonjar kingdom relate travancore

Poonjar palace, location, history and other details

Poonjar palace kottayam
Poonjar palace kottayam

Poonjar palace is the contribution of poonjar kingdom who ruled early in kottayam it was the main part of travancore dynasty, the spot is located at kottayam district. it was became the part of chola dynasty, manavikrama kulasekahra perumal was the founder of the dynasty. it is the live evidence of poonjar dynasty explores the details of the chola kindom which is made up with wood and follows a pure kerala style architecture. there are many things preserved in the palace which early used by the kings of the palace. poonjar palace built by poonjar kings which is about 600 years old structures together with travancore royal family.

The palace is not only welcomes the archaeologists but also opens the door for the visitors who wish to more learn about the history of travancore dynasty and the things relate with royal life in kerala. the sculptures of nataraja shows the devotional dedication of the rajas in the kingdom. it also holds the antique products. except the nataraja sculpture there are many other sculptures and statues which preserved in the palace like a museum. the necessity of conserving the ancient things are very important and save the valuable things for the next generation. the another attraction of the palace, there is a temple which dedicate to goddess devi as in madurai meenakshi temple.

it shows the paintings and the sculptures from the puranas in the wall of the temple. The spot is located at the banks of river can easily reach at this spot by road. october to march is the best time to visit poonjar palace. the nearest railway station is focused at kottayam which is 30 km away from the destination is well connect to the other cities of india. cochin international airport is located about 75 km distance.

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