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Poomullly mana, traditional ayurvedic treatment center at palakkad

Poomully mana, traditional illam to train Ayurveda

Poomullly mana palakkad
Poomullly mana palakkad

Poomully mana is traditional namboothiri illam in palakkad which is more than 500 years old, they are one of the richest brahmin illam in kerala. poomully family was very expert in arts and sciences, they are a very powerful family in malabar, they got attention not only by samoothiris at kozhikode but also the kings of travancore. the mana is very famous in ayurvedic treatments. they also give the prominence to yoga, kalari and music. sri poomully neelkandan namboothiripad was the aram thamburan of the family,he was a legend in ayurvedic treatments. raman namboothiripad of this family, he was an excellent musician and also the student of great chembai vaidya natha bhagavathar it shows the evidence of musical and cultural heritages of this family.

The architecture of poomully mana is actually follows a traditional kerala style, the poomully mana is now hosts as an ayurvedic center and a museum also, it exhibits the traditional documents relate to Ayurveda and the library which includes the great books by the practitioners lived here. the mana turned as an ayurvedic center since 1997. now it is the place for protecting kalari, yoga and Ayurveda together as heritage center. very rare equipment used in malabar and kerala also exhibited in the museum.

Traditional ayurvedic treatments are carried out here daily except sunday. it also conducted a training center for practicing kalari, yoga and the folk art forms, people who want to know more about heritage of kerala, poomully mana will be as suitable option for them. shornur is the nearest railway station is about 24 km away from poomully, calicut international airport, which is the closest airport to the mana. here it is easily connect the buses from pattambi station. the center is administrated by the trust of poomully family.

Peringode Post, Peringod-Vavannuor Road, Palakkad, Nagalassery, Kerala 679535

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