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pookode lake wayanad tourist location – smallest fresh water lake in kerala

Pookode lake, boating and enjoyment at wayanad

pookode lake location
pookode lake location

Pookode lake is popular fresh water lake in kerala, it is also the freshwater lake situated at the north most part of Kerala, the beauty of wayanad and the near places incremented by the presence of this lake. it located 770 m above from the sea level. the pookode lake is the smallest freshwater lake in kerala. pookode lake is a connecting point with western ghats at wayanad to evergreen forests. the lake is surrounded with the beautiful greenish plantation. this is an awesome view seen in the heart of wayanad. the nature lovers and photographers must catch this area, there is no doubt.

The freshwater lake does not mean it don’t have any other things, it is fully filled with fresh water fishes,blue lilly and lotus. lotus is our national flower. the music of birds and roaring of wild animals break the silence of the forest. the main thing is about the boating in pookode lake. it will give you an unpredictable experience when you entered in the pedal boat, this moving system in water is very apt for refreshment. children park also for the entertainment. the lake covers an area about 15 acres and the lake have 40 meter depth also. pookode lake located near vythiri at wayanad.

The lake is maintained by the South Wayanad forest division and run by District Tourism promotion council. the fresh water aquarium, children park, shopping, center,boating are he attractions of the wayanad lake. it will must pay 30 rupee for boating two persons and fifty for five persons. it not added in the entry tickets. the shopping center displays an amazing collection of forest products.the timing for the entry is start from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Nearest railway station is at kozhikode and the calicut international airport located approximately 60 km to the lake.

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