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Pierce Leslie bungalow, An evidence of colonial age in india

Pierce Leslie bungalow, location and entry timings

Pierce Leslie bungalow
Pierce Leslie bungalow

pierce Leslie bungalow is an old building during the colonial age in india, it was the office of pierce Leslie coffee company, now the bungalow is served as tourist destination for the peoples who interested to know more about the colonial age and history of kerala. the name pierce Leslie is definitely the foreign, the bungalow is built in the end of 19th century. this is a famous heritage building that says about the culture of dutch and Portuguese, the structure of the building is also have an influence of dutch and Portuguese.

pierce Leslie was a popular coffee merchants in india. the building of the bungalow has two sections namely old harbor house and koder house. koder house is a three storied red brick architecture and old harbor house was early used as the rest house for the sailors at the port. the structure of the building is actually a fusion of foreign and kerala style of architecture we can see the the wood work of the building all area of the structure. there is also a water front verandah which offers a spectacular beauty to the water spot so there is a cool atmosphere provide at the verandas of the building.

The building is a really a magic of woods, the white background of the building will giving a pleasant surprise for you at the destination. like this buildings are the remaining evidence of the Europeans who ruled india log time. many visitors are reach here to know about the heritage here. ernakulam city is focused very close to the pierce Leslie bungalow is about 1 km from destination. it connect too other cities by train and bus. cochin international airport is the nearest airport. there is no entry fee and open for the visitors daily 9 am to 5 pm.

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