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Peruvannamuzhi, a beautiful tourist village at kozhikode district

Peruvannamuzhi, a tourist destination at kozhikode

peruvannamuzhi dam kozhikkodu
peruvannamuzhi dam kozhikkodu

Peruvannamuzhi is t tourist village located at kozhikode district, this is a wonderful destination which attracts the visitors by the nature beauty and the water sources. the beautiful greenery hills are the attraction of the location, it belongs to he western ghats. definitely western ghats has a prominent place in the nature beauty of kerala. peruvannamuzhi is he part of malabar wild life sanctuary, this is the tourist destination for the peoples who are swish to watch the birds, there are many species of birds occupies here.

peruvannamuzhi dam is the another attraction of this place which is one of the important dams in kerala, supplies water for the villagers neighboring to the village. the reservoir of the peruvannamuzhy dam is ideal for boating, there are speed boat and pedal boat facilities offers along with the boating offers at the dam.. peruvannamoozhi is one of the eco tourism projects in kerala which inaugurate recently by the government of kerala. it also considered as one of the ecological hot spots in kerala. there is a crocodile rehabilitation center is situated as the part of this eco tourism center.

The place is rich with lot of flaura and fauna, this is the center of the variety species of birds and animals. janakippara is the nearest attraction which is a highest peak. the hills offers a best trekking facility together with the eco tourism. the unique feature of this tourist village is about the spice garden located along with it. there is 48 km distance from peruvannamuzhy to calicut city. vatakara is the nearest city having the bus station and also the rail head, both of these is easy to connect the neighboring cities of kerala. karipur international airport is the nearest possible airport from the destination

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