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Peerumedu, The top station is located along with western ghats

Peerumedu, hill station, location, natural attractions at destination

Peerumedu tourist attractions
Peerumedu tourist attractions

Peerumedu is the scenic nature beauty in idukki district, it lies in the hill ranges of western ghats in idukki district. the place become more beautiful with the plantations and the hills at peerumedu. it situated about 3000 feet above from the sea level. the pace attracts the visitors by its greenery beauty. the beautiful destination is located at a distance of 40 km away from kumily, peeru medu is the echo point which got the name by a sufi saint peer muhammad who spent the last days here.

There is a fact behind the name of peeru medu, there are many guava trees found in this place, which is called pera in malayalam and the name peerumedu is derived from pera and finally reach at peerumedu. this is one of the noted eco tourism spots in kerala. Peeru medu was the summer residence of travancore royal family. the summer palace is also a attraction in the destination. peerumedu offers many tourist attractions include trekking, cycling, horse riding etc. the place is also the view point to the plantations like the tea, cardamom, pepper and coffee.

The specialty of the idukkki become unique by the farming of garlic, the only spot in kerala. there are many hills located around this place which includes the peeru hills, thrisanku hills, grampi, kuttikkanam etc. also there are many water streams flows around this place. The summer palace of the travancore kingdom is now preserved by the government as a monument. november to may is the best time to visit this location, because of the comfortable climate conditions during this period. kottayam is the nearest rail head to peeru medu which located about 54 km distance from the destination. kanjirappalli is the nearest city which connects to destination by the local services. kochi is the nearest possible airport at a distance of 130 km.

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