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Peeru hills, A top hill station and trekking spot – best time to visit

Peeru hills, location, accessibility and neighboring attractions

Peeru hills idukki district
Peeru hills idukki district

Peeru hills is one of the tourist destination for the adventurous and nature lovers, this is an ideal place for enjoyment the nature beauty together with the feel of trekking. peeru hills are located neighboring to kuttikkanam. the secret behind the name of peeru hills are very interesting one the name got after the name of a sufi saint peer muhamad who spend his last days here. it was also the summer rest house of travancore kings. peeru hills sis loctaed 4 km away from peerumade. the hill station is one of the noted in peerumade, the hill rocks and the tea plantations. thr hill station offers a spectacular view to the surrounding places an provides a fresh breath taking at the top with cool atmosphere.

Peeru hills is the trekkers paradise the nature beauty of the hills offers an awesome view to the valley and many of the visitors choose the trekking. the hills are located about 914 from the sea level. idukki is commonly known as the home of spice garden as the feature suggests the place is rich with the plantations of tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom etc. a lot of farmers working in this plantations, the greenery meadow throughout the plantation are always a scenic treat for the visitors. although september to may is the best time visit this hill station.

There is an awesome hill which situates neighboring to the peeru, which is called thrissanku hills. this hills are also welcome the visitors which reach at the peeru hills. Thrissanku hills is a best top station to provide the beauty of sunrise and sunset from a top station. peerumade is the nearest bus station with the comfortable availability of KSRTC buses, kottayam railway station is about 75 km away and the nearest airport is at nedumbassery at a distance of 180 km from the peeru hills.

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