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Pazhassiraja museum kozhikkod – evidence of ancient civilizations

Pazhassiraja museum, known by the name of great warrior

Pazhassiraja museum kozhikkod
Pazhassiraja museum kozhikkod

Pazhassiraja museum located at east hill in kozhikode district, dedicate to the great warrior pazhassiraja belong to the kottayam family in kannur district. inn old days it was known as east hill bunglow built in 1812, later it converted to museum by the state archaeological department of kerala. but the this name got in 1980. pazhassiraja led the secret against British by the help of tribes, he committed suicide in kannur during the war. the pazhassi monument situated at kannur. paazhassiraja museum displays the historical elements from 1000 bc to 200 AD.

The real name of pazhassiraja is kerala varma pazhassiraja, he known as kerala lion, this name suggests by sardar k m panikkar. he gave the leadership to the wars by two stages, at the end of 18th century and the beginning of 19th century. the stories of pazhassiraja is displayed in the malayalam movie pazhassiraja by hariharan. the museum give the view of mural paintings, ancientt coins, antique bronze, umbrella stones, temple models etc. here also displays the paintings of raja ravi varma and raja raja varma. also the objects from Indus valley civilization and megalithic age. this is the remaining of ancient kerala history. now the museum is administrated by kerala arcaheological department.

here is a separate block for the five metals gallery(panchaloha), the idols made with this metal mixture sculpturing the heroes in stone age. it also added the weapons of British and the objects of french, dutch and Portuguese. and rare collection of coins from different countries and civilization.
The museum is open for the visitors daily from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, except monday and other public hholidays. calicut international is the nearest airport at a distance of 23 km, and kozhikode railway station is 3 km away from museum. it is well connect the buses to other cities from kozhikode bus stand.

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