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Payyoli Beach (Kozhikode) – access , best time for visiting and tourist attractions

Payyoli beach, located at the heart of kozhikode

payyoli beach images
payyoli beach images

Payyoli beach is one of the identification mark of kozhikode, many other beaches are also in this district. payyoli beach attracts the visttors from many other palces by its spectacular beauty. payyoli beach located at the north malabar coast. payyoli beach is typical place for bird watching, kerala tourism give more prominence to bird sanctuaries in kerala. compare to other beaches the specialty of this beach is the preservation of turtles. olive ridley turtles are preserved by the local fishermen at these areas, this project is called theeram, there are many visitors reach here during november to december because the red olive turtle lay its eggs during that period. the beautiful arabian sea is embarrassed the shore of payyambalam by its waves in every moment.

Payyoly beach is best place for relaxation from all other stresses. peoples choose this place mainly for sun bath, viewing sunrise and sunset, long walking and swimming. thikkodi light house is situated adjacent to the beach. the beach has to say the history about the great warrior kunjali marakkar it shows the in the narration on a huge rock along with beach, it says about the stories of kunjali marakkar. payyoli got the world attention by the name of the athelet p.t usha, payyoli is her birth place and she usually known in the nick name payyoli express.

Monsoon season is not ideal for visiting here, except that days it will provide more options for enjoyment and many activities too. if you are an adventurous person you can choose the sea activities like rafting, parasailing etc. there are many bus services from payyoli to kozhikode. from kozhikode railway station it well connects all other main cities of country. you can catch the flights when you travel 70 km from the spot to calicut international airport.

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