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payyambalam beach kannur – one of the longest beach in kerala

Payyambalam beach location and best time to visit

payyambalam beach kannur
payyambalam beach kannur

Payyambalam beach is a famous beach situated at kannur district, located 2 km away from town. kannur district covering the large beach area in kerala. payyambalam beach, a sculpture of a mother and a child is an attraction of payyamabalm beach by the great artist kanayi kunjiraman, it is actually long beach you can spend the more time here, november to may the best season to see the beauty of payyambalam beach otherwise the monsoon will spoil your enjoyment at the beach. a lot of people reach here to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

it will be a great experience when you can capture a selfie during the period of sunset from here.Payyambalam beach is a tourist attraction for a refreshment with green vegetation and a cool breeze. The walking over the silvery sand and the peoples select this as a apt choice for jogging in morning. some of the people try a sea bath here.kannur is rich wit beaches. the boating can be experienced at payyambalam beach, the boating till 10 minutes but it is very careful when you are in boat journey. the boat goes at the sea border, a jacket must wear during boat safari. nowadays it is danger in monsoon, so choose the time except monsoon or other rainy days.

Here a single sand can say a story of kannur like theyyam,thira and other folk dances and the culture of kerala, unfortunately there is not enough staff to control the procedures allowed here, every time it is a main tourist attraction for the visitors especially foreigners. we can undoubtedly says it is a pert of heaven in earth. Meenkunnu, Adikadalayi, Baby Beach, Thayyil Beach are the other popular places similar to payyambalam. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach another important tourist destination here.

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